Setavap-3 by Stanhope Seta



Setavap3 Automatic Vapour Pressure Analyser (80500-0)
ASTM D5191; ASTM D6378; ASTM D6377; ASTM D6897; ASTM D5188; IP 394; IP 481
Correlates with ASTM D323; ASTM D4953; ASTM D5190; ASTM D5482; ASTM D1267;
EN 13016; IP 409
• Rapid automatic vapour pressure testing
• Mini methods – 1ml sample volume
• Integrated shaker for testing Crude Oils
• Robust measuring chamber/Valves/Piston Mechanism
• Results available as DVPE, RVPE, VPx, Ptot, TVP, Pabs ASVP
• Test memory: in excess of 10,000
SetaVap3 incorporates the very latest technology to provide reliable automated vapour
pressure tests on fuel and oil samples. The instrument has been designed to provide users
with unsurpassed ease of operation and incorporates a sturdy measuring chamber and
sliding piston with integral shaker.
Easy to use but powerful software allows both standard testing and customised test
parameters to be entered. A large colour touch screen allows simple operation with ‘press
to test’ functionality for minimal operator input.
Results are clearly displayed and can be captured using a QR code, emailed, saved to a
memory stick, output to LIMS or produced in hard copy with the printer option.
Servicing and calibration can be performed in the field.
Temperature Range : 0 to 120°C
Test Pressure Range : 0 to 1550kPa (resolution as per method)
Units of Measurement : kPa or psi (user selectable)
Power Requirement : 100/240V Vac, 50/60Hz (auto), 230W
Size (HxWxD) / Weight : 38 x 23 x 37cm / 16kg


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