PT. New Module International is a company based on Jakarta – Indonesia, providing the best high quality of Scientific Technical Supplies

Special Products from Lifescience Dept

Confocal Microscope – A1R HD; Equipped with both ultrafast resonant and high-resolution galvano scanners, A1R HD allows simultaneous photoactivation and imaging.

Special Products from Petrochemical Dept

Seta Analytics Afida 2805, Grabner Instruments Miniscan IRXpert, Tanaka MPC-102S All New

Product Highlights

Product Favorite

Nikon Eclipse Ni-E Motorized Microscope System

Setavap3 Automatic Vapour Pressure Analyser (80500-0)

Controls Hot-mix-asphalt-automatic-closed-loop-extractor-PAVELAB50

Schenck Passio 50

Ibertest-Fatigue-Testing-Machines UFIB up to 2000 kN

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